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Ayurveda for Anti Ageing: 14 to 28 day

Product Description

Highlights: Ayurveda for Anti Aging,
Destinations can be used: Kerala / Tamilnadu / Karnataka / Goa (India),
Point of Arrival & Departure: Thiruvananthapuram (TRV), Kochi (COK), Delhi (DEL), Bangalore (BLR),
Duration: 14 Days to 28 days (More the number of days better the results are)
Anti Aging Therapy: The term used in Ayurveda texts for the this therapy is Rasayana Chikilsa. By this you to attain longevity and free from disorders by optimizing the strength of physique and sense organs. Rasayana Chikilsa is highly effective in retarding the aging process, This will arrest the degeneration of body cells and building up immunity against diseases and degenerative condition of body. In short Rasayana Chikilsa restores youthfulness.
The word ‘Rasayana’ derives from ‘Rasa‘ and ‘Ayana‘ Literal meaning of Rasa is the essence of something. Anything ingested into the body in the form of food or medicine is first re synthesized into Rasa Dhatu, the basic plasma tissue. Ayana is the method by which Rasa is carried to all the body tissues for biochemical metamorphosis (Rasakriya).
As age goes up, the body weakens and various ailments starts showing up. The body secretions become excess or inadequate, leading to abnormalities in the effective metabolism. When metabolism is impaired, the food you take doesn’t lead to the body element (Dathu) and become the final energy (Ojjas) in your cells. The same problems occur due to improper food and life style also.
Ayurveda treats each individual as a special living being, physical, mental and spiritual. Accordingly the diagnosis of problems is very specific. The solutions are person specific. Problems that have cumulated over years can be eliminated by few weeks of treatment. As a result of the care, your digestion and absorption, metabolism and circulation improves and the self healing property of your body becomes optimal.
Rasayana Chikilsa is aimed at revitalizing the body, mind and the soul. It helps in strengthening the whole system, toning the skin and generating a state of well being. The therapy is most effective for both the sex if undertaken before the age of 50.
The Rasayana therapy includes several physical, mental and spiritual disciplinary activities along with medicines. Rasayana is supposed to supervise the individual in all respects of life for the period of treatment. It bestows upon a person, youth and energy. It enhances memory and brilliance. Physical activities includes head and face massage with medicated oils and creams, body massage with herbal oil, cream & powder, medicated steam bath, herbal bath, Sirodhara and rejuvenating herbal face mask are the usual treatments.
Criteria for Rasayana:
Ideal age group for receiving Rasayana is between 16 yrs to 90 yrs. It is advisable to purify the body with suitable methods of Panchakarma (when necessary) or by mild purification so that the person gets maximum benefit. The person should be of a stable mind, intelligent and should be able to control his desires while taking treatments. He should have belief in the medicines and procedures that are going to be done. While undergoing Rasayana treatment, the person should abstain from smoking, alcohol and other vices.
Classification: There are two types of Rasayana Chikilsa they are Vatatapik Chikilsa &Kuti Chikilsa.
Vatatapik Chikilsa: In this form the person can take the treatment (Ambulatory method) while carrying out his routine and other jobs. In this case patient receives treatments and he or she is allowed to continue his or her routine simultaneously. The patient is advised dietary changes and changes in life style in addition to suitable Rasayana medicines. The medicines are chosen by considering the person’s age, sex, body constitution, habits, living conditions and previous diseases and present status of the body.
Kuti Chikilsa: The second type, This is a Non-ambulatory method of treatment. The patient is segregated from his or her daily activities for a certain period of time and is kept in a Kuti (Hut) which is specially designed for Rasayana Chikilsa. He or she is kept here under the observation of an expert. A complete regime of rasayana is given to the patient one by one in addition to specially cooked food and monitored lifestyle in the hut. It is believed that when the person comes out of the kuti (Hut) after completion of the treatment, his or her body is completely rejuvenated. All the old dhatu (body tissues) are replaced by new, energetic and lively dhatu (Tissues), and can lead a new and reinvigorated life. This secret healing technique is being used in India for thousands of years by religious healers to rejuvenate and give longevity to royalty and holy sages.
Before starting the Rasayana schedule, the patient is advised to undergo Panchkarma Treatments (Detoxification). This helps in the initial detoxification of the body and prepares the body for the Rasayana regime.
Benefits of Rasayana Chikilsa: 
To increase body tissues,
To increase digestive power,
To increase the metabolic process at tissue level or improves endocrine gland function,
Remove waste & toxins from the body,
Remove excess tissues in the body,
Increase the functional capacity of the brain thereby improve the mental capabilities,
Increases memory power,
Increases the strength and immunity of the body,
And restores natural skin complexion.
Package Includes:
  • Return airport/railway station transfers,
  • Accommodation of your choice with Daily Housekeeping,
  • Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner (Ayurvedic diet),
  • Daily Fruit & Vegetable juices or Tea apart from other meals,
  • Daily doctor consultation,
  • Daily 2 to 2.5 hours suitable Panchakarma treatments,
  • Daily 1.5 hours yoga & Meditation,
  • Ayurvedic face pack,
  • Suitable day tours possible locally from the hotel you are staying,
  • Use of available facilities in the resort/centre such as Wi-Fi internet, Swimming pool etc,
  • All applicable taxes & service charges.
Price as per request


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