Jaisalmer Dance

Jaisalmer festival

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Location: Sam Sand Dunes (42 K.M. from Jaisalmer)
Time: February
Duration: 3 Days
Highlights: Cultural showcase
One of the most popular festival in Rajasthan, it is a journey into the heart of the desert, the golden city of Jaisalmer, a veritable feast for the senses. This is a three-day long extravaganza of dances, music, handicraft fairs and interesting competitions- including really unusual ones like a ‘Mr Desert’ pageant, a ‘turban-tying’ contest and a ‘best moustache’contest. The Desert Festival is organised by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. And this is the perfect time to visit this golden city.
Besides the food, music and cultural performances, there are camel rides, processions, camel polo, and even a camel tug-of-war. All of it is held against the backdrop of the awesome Jaisalmer fort. Fireworks display at night light up the area, and the fort is illuminated too. It coincides with the full moon in February when the cherished moments of its glorious past and rich culture are on display. The entire fort is floodlit at night. The langa and Manganiyar musicians, Gair Dancers and the fire dancers are the special highlights of the festival. The grand finale is a trip to the Sam Sand Dunes where one can have the pleasure of a camel ride and also view the musicians and dancers performing on the dunes. Accommodation facilities for tourists are made in the desert in the form of Luxury tents.


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