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Konark Dance Festival

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Venue: Konark Sun Temple, Odisha
Date: December
Duration: 3-7 days
Highlight: Renowned dancers from all parts of the country assemble here and give fabulous performances.
The Konark Dance Festival is held at the 700 year old Konark ‘Sun Temple’ in Odisha. This temple is famed as a world heritage site and is also an architectural wonder with well-adorned sculptures in various Odissi dance poses. The dancing hall of the temple is extremely famous for its wonderful interior. Constructed way back in the 13th century on the beach of Chandrabagha. Dances like Odissi, Bharathnatyam, Manipuri, Kathak and Chau Dance performed here are a delightful experience for dance lovers.
Crafts mela: Apart from giving the art lovers an opportunity to closely observe the rich Indian dance heritage, the Konark Dance festival is also known for its crafts mela. This craft fair is organized here by the State Industry Department to promote the local arts and crafts of Odisha. At the fair, beautiful sculptures and souvenirs made by the local craftsmen of the state are displayed and sold. Thus, Konark Festival gives one an experience of a life time and a chance to witness a cocktail of art, craft, music & dance all at the same place.


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