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Silent Valley

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Destination: Silent Valley, Palakkad (Kerala, India)
Arrival & Departure Point: Kochi (COK)/ Coimbatore (CJB)/ Kozhikode (CCJ)
Silent Valley from Kochi:170,
Silent Valley from Coimbatore: 80 and
Silent Valley from Kozhikode: 120
Closest Railway Station: Palakkad (PGT)
Highlights: Jeep Safari, Trekking, Waterfalls, Tribal Massage, Tribal Dance, Birding
Day 1 & 2:
Our representative meet you at your arrival point and get you transferred to the hotel in Silent Vally. Check in to get refreshed an relax for a while to get charges for exploring the virgin beauty of Silent Valley.
The absence of noisy Crickets (Cicadas) made a jungle Silent. And this Silent Valley is wrapped on all sides with lofty ridges and steep cliffs, helps easy condensation of water vapour, causing summer rains in the plains. The Perennial & wild Kunthi River descends from Nilgiri hills traverse throughout the valley, never turns brown and is always crystal clear. You can trek up to the bewitching Karivera waterfalls, a Jeep Safari and take bath in wintry waters of Kunthi River. Silent Valley is home to the largest population of Lion-tailed Macaque an endangered species of Primate.
Spend your time with trekking, taking bath in Kunthi river, trekking towards waterfalls, Campfire in the evening with tribal dance. Two days will pass soon by keeping things to explore next time.
Silent Valley:
People call this forest as silent valley in the meaning of a forest without the noise of crickets. But due to the invasion of human the nature slightly changes there. But the center of the forest is still in utter silence. The forest journey through silent valley is restricted to 14 kilometers. You can see lion tailed monkeys (lion-tailed macaque) during this journey, and occasionally black monkeys and elephant also come to to the scene. You can travel till the shore of Kunthi river.  It is said that about 50% of the lion tailed monkeys remaining on earth that is getting extinct, is in Silent Valley. Almost 315 kinds of creatures like monkeys, black monkeys, tiger, Cheetah, Nilgiri thar (varayaadu), Malabar cevet (pulliverugu), wild goat, wild cat, wild dog, mountain squirrel, palm civet etc. has been found in this area. About 200 kinds of birds, 50 kinds of snakes, 25 kinds of frogs, more than 100 kinds of butterflies and about 255 insects are also inhabit in this forest.
There is sufficient moisture and low temperature to cool the monsoon clouds in this evergreen Rain forest and we get stabilized water supply throughout the year.  The secret of this moisture is the vaporized water emerging is spread in the surrounding and never goes out as the this forest is enveloped from all sides with lofty ridges & steep cliffs. Which makes easy condensation of water vapour, thereby causing rains even in summer in this valley.
Day 3: Departure transfer
After a Kerala’s traditional breakfast you get checked out and we transfer you to the desired departure point or your next destination.
Tour Includes: 
  • Pick up and transfer to hotel by private A/c car from arrival point,
  • 2 Nights accommodation with all meals,
  • Guided Jeep Safari,
  • Guided Trekking & river bath,
  • Guided Waterfalls vist,
  • Tribal Ayurvedic Massage,
  • Tribal Dance,
  • Transfer back to airport/R. Station from hotel,
  • And all taxes and service charges.
Price as per Request          


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